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Lighting Fair Spring Exhibition introduction
China lights are ancient town is the birthplace of China's lighting industry, and its profound connotation, has a thick lighting culture connotation.
Renowned in the world famous lighting capital. Town of 2014 years to achieve the gross output value of industry and agriculture 218.9 billion yuan, lighting industry output value reached 160.8 stubborn yuan, accounting for more than 60% of the national market share, with lighting and accessories industry and commerce enterprise 1.5 million.
The 4 Day Spring International Lighting Fair, which is held in the International Convention and Exhibition center.
One bright spot: Taking the exhibition center main venue and Huayi Plaza, Star Alliance, Bai Sheng square lighting, lamps are times square, light cubic LED City five branch field. In the high and low lighting products and all kinds of matching accessories machinery accessories.
Highlights two: to A, B, C three exhibition hall and the two floor of the conference reception center for the main building.
To domestic oriented both export and meet at home and abroad different business passengers, the different requirements of the market, the new launch "theme lighting project light effect experience zone" flagship store experience area, window light effect experience area, bringing together the newest lighting boutique and super high price goods.
Highlights three: total area of 30 thousand square meters, exhibitors 520. Facilitate buyers, the main venue, the venue, experience the exhibition store linkage Innovation Exhibition mode, the exhibition organizers in particular arrangements for the main points of the free bus service.


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